5 Free Solutions To Create A Question-Answer Website

Question & answer websites (like Stack Overflow) are great platforms for enabling communities to share knowledge and help each other.

Although they are kinda similar-in-function with the forum applications (check 9 Widely-Used And Free Forum Softwares), the main focus is finding the (best) answers.

Here are 5 free and open source or hosted platforms to create your own question-answer website:


Question Vote

Question2Answer is an application that is built with PHP-MySQL that has a points-based reputation system.

Users can comment into any questions and they can be tagged.

It can be totally styled with CSS and has an admin interface to manage the whole application.



QSQA enables anyone to instantly create a full-featured question-answer community where users can earn point/badges for their contribution.

It is written in Python and powered by the Django application framework.


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Answerbase is a powerful and hosted service for creating Q&A websites without any installation.

The front-end can be customized completely with the help of ready-to-use templates, ability to update every image/text and inserting custom CSS styles.

A feature-rich admin panel eases the management of the system, users and content.

Once the website is created, it gets a mobile-friendly version automatically and there is an API provided for integration with 3rd party products.




This question-answer application is written in Ruby, MongoMapper and MongoDB.

It is multilingual and, optionally, users can create their own websites in a free hosted platform rather than installing it.



Qwench is a simple-yet-functional application.

It comes with a points/rewards system, an entry can be posted as a knowledge-base article (for corporate sites) and it can be customized via CSS.



Qhub is a free hosted platform for creating a q&a website where the look-feel can be customized and members can be managed easily.

You can optionally use a URL under Qhub or your own domain name.

And Others:

  • Stacked: it is an ASP.NET alternative but not improved for a while.
  • CNPROG: a pretty powerful one which is Django-powered (QSQA is a for of this application)
  • AskBot: a fork of CNPROG.
  • This is a great round up, I look forward to downloading these.

  • Thanks for the Q&A platforms reviews. I’m just about to add such a component to the website and going to review the functionality of the mentioned softwares.
    Good find.
    Thank you.

  • thanks for this great resources

  • These are NOT FREE!

  • I was thinking to start with Answerbase, but after reading this post i will have to think about the opportunity cost of my investment.

    Thank you for this very useful post.

  • Thanks a lot for the great post, but most of the scripts are non-PHP scripts 🙁

    can you inform me where i can find scripts like these in PHP?
    BTW i have tested Qwench it doesn’t have admin panel !
    Thanks a lot

  • Well, I’m afraid Qhub.com is no longer free… but how about this – We’ll give 50% off our legendary Q&A solution at Qhub.com for anyone from this thread who signs up for before the end of 2012. Does that help a little?

  • The second one looks good but I am not sure about using it..!!!

  • leah

    The other one I found that integrates with wordpress is CMAnswers http://www.cminds.com/cm-answers/