64 Beautiful And Free Nature Brush Sets And Vectors – Giant Design Pack

We all use nature images like trees, clouds, flowers, sun & many other objects in our designs.

Doesn’t matter if it is a blog or a corporate site, nature images fit and needed everywhere.

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Important: Licenses of every image varies, so be sure to check that information before using them.

This is a resource pack of beautiful & free nature brushes & vector images. Here they are:

Nature Brushes


Cloud Brushes

Photoshop Cloud Brushes

Cloud Brushes

Photoshop Cloud Brushes

Cloud Brush

Dark Cloud Brushes

Sun Brushes

Photoshop Sun Brush

Photoshop Sunset Brushes

Sunset - Sunrise Brush

Photoshop Beam Brush

Sunburst Brush

Sunburst Brush Set

Sunburst Brushes

Water Brushes

Detailed Water Brush Set

Photoshop Bubble Brushes

Photoshop Sea Brushes

Stormy Sea Brushes

Lightning & Rain Brushes

Photoshop Lightning Brush

Lightning Brush Set

Rain Brushes

Photoshop Rain Brush

Photoshop Rain Brushes

Flower & Tree brushes

Photoshop Tree Brushes

Leave And Grass Brushes

Tree Brushes

Bamboo Brushes

Creepy Tree Brushes

Flower Brushes

Daisy Rose Brushes

Flower Brushes

Flora Brushes

Photoshop Flower Brushes

Vector Flower Brushes

Photoshop Floral Brushes

Mountain, Stone & Rock Brushes

Mountain Brushes

Photoshop Mountain Brush

Stone Brushes

Photoshop Stone Brushes

Vector Nature Images


Vector Clouds, Sun And Rainbow

Vector Sky

Vector Cloud Images

Vector Stars And Rainbow

Vector Weather Icons

Vector Rainbow And Clouds

Cloud Vector Image

Vector Sun

Sun Vectors

Vector Sun Image

Vector Water & Sea Images

Vector Water Drop

Vector Flowers & Trees

Vector Tree Image

Vector Tree And Snowflakes

Vector Flower Tree

Vector Tree With Flowers

Vector Trees

Vector Branch And Grass

Botanical Vectors

Vector Floral Images

Vector China Flowers

Flower Vector Images

Vector Flowers


Vector Leaf

Vector Leaf

Vector Mountains, Stones

Vector Mountain

Vector Mountain Scape

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  • These are great, but I really wish you had done a little bit of homework before posting.

    Most of the ones posted on DA are for personal use only. Not commercial use.

    It would be nice to find a list like this that denotes what the usage rights are before clicking on it. I would love to be able to use those ho-res cloud brushes, for instance, and they’re Creative Commons, but they’re specifically noted “This work is licensed under a
    Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 License.”

    Designers should be wary.

  • @Emma,

    You’re definitely right & I’ll be preparing the next collections with more totally-free resources or with a note mentioning about “being carful with the licenses”.

    Thanks for that.

    And I added the note right now to this post too.

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    Yes, they are all previews & download links exist inside every resource’s website.

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