9 Free And Open Source Bug Tracking Softwares

A web application or a software development process always has bugs which is very normal in a hundreds of lines of code. The important part is tracking & fixing them.

Whether you are a one-person-army or have teammates, it is a big time-saver to use a bug tracking software.

Besides having the bugs listed in a comprehensive way, most bug/issue tracking applications let end-users to submit bug-feature requests that will end up in a better product.

Here are 9 free & open source bug tracking softwares, both desktop & web-based, for a better development process:




WebIssues is an open source issue tracking & team collaboration application that has 2 parts:

  • The server: a PHP-MySQL based server where the data is stored, notifications are sent
  • The client: a desktop application for users to connect to the server (Windows & Linux supported)

A permission-based user system enables the ability of "multiple users working on different projects".

Issue types are flexible & customizable. Issues can be easily filtered & reports can be created for a snapshot. 



A PHP bug tracking software that works with MySQL, PostgreSQL, MSSQL and Oracle.

Unlimited projects can be created with any number of users working on them. Users working on the project can easily see the bugs assigned to them or see the general status of the project.

eTraxis can notify users with e-mails & has a reminder system. The software has multilanguage support.



This Mozilla Foundation supported/developed bug tracking system allows individual or groups of developers to keep track of outstanding bugs in their product effectively.

Considering Bugzilla is used by Mozilla, Open Office, RedHat, NASA, Facebook & hundreds of other popular companies, it is a very mature & feature rich application.

It can perfectly track bugs & code changes with time tracking and notifications. Teammates can communicate with each other & users of the product can become a part of the bug tracking system by submitting bugs


Trac - Issue Tracking System

Trac is a improved wiki and issue tracking system for software development projects.

It has an interface to Subversion (or other version control systems), an integrated Wiki and convenient reporting facilities.

A timeline displays all current and past project events in order, for a better overview of the project. There is also a roadmap which shows the list of the upcoming milestones.

Mantis Bug Tracker

Mantis Bug Tracker

A web-based free bug tracking system, written in PHP and works with MySQL, MS SQL, and PostgreSQL.

Mantis has a multi-level hieararchy: projects>sub-projects>categories>bugs where users can contribute to each item if they have the access rights.

The application has powerful features like an integrated wiki, chat, RSS feeds, time tracking & much more.


Asp.Net Bug Tracking Software

BugNet is an open source ASP.NET bug tracking tool.

Email notifications, reporting and per project configuration of fields and values allows efficient management of bugs, feature requests, and other issues for projects of any scale.

The Bug Genie

The Bug Genie

An open source issue tracking system for improving the development process by managing bug reports, feature requests and user feedback.

The Bug Genie is built with PHP, has multilanguage support & provides an easy to use interface.

It can be integrated with Subversion, displays roadmaps automatically & much more.

Issue Tracker By ASP.NET

ASP.NET Issue Tracker

A simple yet working issue tracker by ASP.NET.

The application lets you to create projects, projects members/permissions & issues to be assigned to members.

Issues can be tracked, related issues can be displayed & more. Issue Tracker supports MS Access & MSSQL for storing the data.



Eventum is a issue tracking system built by the MySQL team.

It helps organizing tasks & bugs within a development project. It has various features from notifications to reminders & reports to RSS support.

  • Redmine is another amazing tool.

  • Why missing the RT: Request Tracker? http://bestpractical.com/rt/

  • In the interest of documentation, you should also check out Redmine (http://www.redmine.org/).

  • I’d add Redmine to the list. It adds a slew of other nice PM features as well.

  • Derek

    No ColdFusion love so I will throw this one in

    Lighthouse Pro from Ray Camden

  • Yaron


    I’ve actually been using The Bug Genie for a while, on a few projects, and am overall quite happy with it. But after a long time of inactivity I stopped looking for updates, so until seeing this post now I didn’t notice they released a new version.

  • Dave Quested

    We just started using RedMine (www.redmine.org), x10 better than Trac.

  • wow great thanks for this, this would surely help people. By the way I am using trac on developing software.

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    yeap, redmine is definetelly missing in this list….

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    Nice post. I would like know list of Free and Open source Test Case Management Systems.

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    Yes Redmine is missing, I also think that it’s better than trac. It’s easier to manage eand do multiple projects.

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    REDMINE, better than trac!! And offers lot a features! Definitly the best..

  • Arg Bugzilla is running on Perl ;-(

  • Thanks for collecting and sharing.

  • I need such a list really. Now, the choice will be much easier to do. Thank you.

  • anon

    you forgot to mention Fossil, by the creator of Sqlite: http://fossil-scm.org/.

    From the author:

    “Fossil is a distributed software version control system that includes an integrated distributed wiki and an integrated distributed bug-tracking system all in a single, easy-to-use, stand-alone executable.”

  • use mantis, yeah!

  • Jorg

    If anyone’s interested, here’s a list of web based bug/defect tracking softwares: http://www.web-based-software.com/tracking/

  • Trinh Bui

    But redmine don’t have notification mail function

  • Redmine is one of the most powerful, flexible and intuitive tools for tracking issues in the context of a software development project.

    It has an excellent user interface, and a lot of features that are a must for development teams.

    I think it can’t be missing on a “free and open source bug tracking software” list.

    Kind regards,

  • Amazing post! Love it. Very informative. Thanks!

  • srilakshmi

    Pls. let me know the best free source bug tracking tool for tracking requirements, bugs and enhancement.
    Should have provision to generate reports.

  • Wow, forgot lighthouse? The best one: http://lighthouseapp.com/

  • @daniel,

    Lighthouse looks nice but not open source.

  • Great resource! Just what I was looking for =D

  • We’ve been using BugHost since 2002… great tool with free option!

    Thanks for the informative list!

  • guy

    very good bug tracker is informup (free for 4 users). we are only 2 in our company so it is great for us.
    thank:-) http://www.informup.com

  • Ben

    BugAware has a free SAAS 5 user product, also free for Non Profit / Educational Orgs : http://www.bugaware.com

  • EHz

    According to:
    Redmine should run on most Unix, Linux, Mac and Windows systems as long as ruby is available on this platform.

    So it requires Ruby (or Ruby on Rails?).

  • Tom Domyno

    The Codendi platform also offers a powerful and very customizable open-source and web-based tracker system. Codendi trackers enables to create as many tracker you want : task tracker, requirement tracker, issue tracker, test tracker etc. You can download for free Codendi Labs http://www.codendi.com/features.php

  • kevin

    Great List – thanks
    Has anyone used eTraxis – http://www.etraxis.org/ ?
    Wondering if it is any good. Thanks

  • kevin

    sorry – i meant – extraview – http://www.extraview.com/site/

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    It was an excellent place to choose the right tool for my needs. Thanks all.

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    Surely it is the right place for me to choose one.

    Thanks a lot for your valuable contribution.

  • http://bugspy.net is a search engine for open source bugs. Very useful

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  • Very interesting list! Thanks for putting the features together!

  • Appreciate this 🙂 i develop vBulletin 4 styles and skins, and vbulletin 4 still has many stylevars bugs and this will help my users report them so i can write custom workarounds for any problems found.

    Thanks again

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  • Well, bugtracker.Net is not bad. “ve not used redmine, so i cant say about it.

  • well all bug tracking softwares are described, valuable information!!!!

  • Daniel Smith

    great list, i’ll add launchpad to the mix since it is now open sourced

  • Bill Norton

    Well, I agree that Open Source BT systems like Redmine or Trac are really worth mentioning, but they still lack a lot of features.

    I can advise to check out Bontq if you look for hosted solution…

  • Peter

    There’s a new great tool called Vermis, check it out http://vermis.diabloware.com/

    online demo: http://vermis.diabloware.com/demo/

  • try http://qdpm.net/ It is fully configurable and customers interact using a Ticket System that is integrated into Task management.

  • I duno if you guys have tried http://holybugs.com.

    It’s super simple, and does the job for me. Free too.

  • Ravneet Parmar

    did someone ever try Vantive.. its a fairly new product, super simple, awesome gui, tons of features.. all for FREE


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    Great conversation. I hadn’t seen bug genie. I dig it.

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    Having problems with downloading redmine. Any helps?

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    Please tell …what’s the configuration info like servers and for how many users can use parallel….server must for every tracking tool? or just could download and can use? Please tell the clear picture..

  • Dan

    I like Mantis, it caters for my developers.

    After reading this, I thought i would try etraxis. They have a free hosting account which takes a minute to setup.

    Time will tell!

  • Xagyg

    Check out Redmine and Redmine Backlogs. Great tool.

  • Is bugzilla a open source? I doubt because I had tried downloading it earlier, but did not work well.

  • Giotti

    If you are looking at redmine, also first have a look at chiliproject! Neither of those two has such a nice integration with Mylyn in eclipse, though, as does Trac – still the best.

    @Kumar, bugzilla is definitely open source.

  • sagar

    Hay Here is easy and free to use bug tracking tool check this link


  • I have previously used Mantis, however the BIGGEST problem that I had was getting customers to use it. Most people prefer to call or email directly, me included.

    However, in terms of organisation it is great.

  • QA

    I am trying to download the redmin for the first time to work on ,but i’m not able to ,getting confused as which version is to be downloaded and how to install it .Could any body explain and help me out of this.

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    We created an amazing bug tracking system at http://www.vectrateam.com , Please check it out.