A Complete Set Of Free Vector User Icons

IconShock, the well-known icon design company, is sharing a very nice set of free user icons.

The set includes 100 items in different combinations, single users (male/female) and groups of users with different designs.

Free User Icons

They are offered in multiple versions: iPhone, Android, Windows and colored. And, the items are packed in PNG + PSD files.

Also, a vector version (.AI) is included for maximum customization.

And, if you are in search for for more freebies, check this site for free vector.

  • How nice it is start my working day checking my RSS reader and suddenly find our latest freebie featured in one of the magazines I admire the most ! Thanks a lot Umut and WRD team for trusting our resources !

    Have a great day !

  • @Juan,

    That is a very original set and I’m sure will help many designers/developers out there. Great job and thanks.