A Lovely JavaScript WYSIWYG Editor – Redactor

Redactor is a JavaScript-powered (jQuery) WYSIWYG editor with a clean and good-looking interface.

It auto-converts textarea fields into an editor and the editor is capable of all the major actions (text-styling, adding image/file/video/tables/lists).

The uploading of files and images makes use of HTML5 APIs and they can be uploaded via drag 'n' drops besides selecting files.

Redactor - jQuery WYSIWYG Editor

Redactor can work inline or fullscreen, there are many settings to customize it and it is multilingual (already supports many languages).

P.S. The website of the resource is half English and half Russian but it is coded in English and demos + docs help understanding how it works.

  • This is what I’ve been looking for!!!!

  • Chris

    Looks good, but what license is it under? GPL.. Or?

  • greg word

    nice editor, ufotunately no loger free for commercial use

  • jack

    they use own special license. this is commercial project