A New Design (And A New Editor)

As you see the design of WebResourcesDepot has totally changed.

I designed this new theme believing that WebResourcesDepot needed to have an unique look (the old theme was Illacrimo theme from DesignDisease with some updates and thanks to them again) as it gets more popular everyday with 700+ RSS subscribers, 2500+ visitors and 5000+ pageviews per day.

It is much brighter right now and there is a seperation between primary elements (like categories) and 2nd ones (like search bar, rss link) that will make browsing easier.

It is also slightly shiny but not at the disturbing level (I hope).

And, since a month, WebResourcesDepot has a new owner ( me 🙂 I’m a web developer and designer for a long time. After few corporate experiences I’ve been freelancing for the last 5 years and have few web projects of my own which I’ll be sharing with WRD readers.) generating the content and I wanted to share this with the new design.

Keep following WebResourcesDepot as I already have many great resources in my bookmarks to share and please continue suggesting the great resources you know.

And.. Did you like the new look? (There are still small things to polish which I’m working on).

  • Don’t like the new design at all. This site went from easy to read to annoying to read. Please change it back.

  • I really love your blog, but this template is ugly. Sorry!
    What is this in the background?
    Where is the third column. There is so much empty space!
    What is that “thing” that holds the footer?
    Why are the Nav-Heads like “Design” and “ExtraStuff” double-outlined?

    all the best from germany, Oli

  • n0nam3

    Good luck for you, thank for the news!

  • You use the “PNG Alpha Fix” for resolve the problems with the png transparent on Internet Explorer. =)

  • @Steve, I’m still working on this template and believe it’ll be much better than the old one at the end.

    @Oliver, thanks for loving WRD and straight comments.
    – Background: the only thing that I was not sure about and I think I’m a bit design-blind now after working on the theme, after hearing other comments I’ll be deciding on it.
    – I’ll be filling the third column and footer today, for some reason I got errors in my local at these areas and will have to work live.
    – Double-outlined, it is in my list.

    @Wasabi, thanks I’ll be applying.

    I absolutely know theme has missing parts but they can be fixed easily and after working on it for a while I just wanted to publish it and fix it on the way as a project becomes difficult to work on if it is not live for a while:).

  • Yura

    I liked it, specially the rss sticker seemed fun. But not sure about the background, may be it should darker.

    Anyway, great content.


  • Ok, I totally aagreed with bg. Here is my 2nd background (I was between two) which I believe makes the reading easier and makes the content shine more.

  • I think the spikes at the bottom of the column are a little unique, but the background is what kind of hurt you, IMO. It’s not quite as seamless as one would think, and it’s very distracting.

    I do love the blog, and hope that you get everything worked out, soon!

  • Orhan

    I saw the new site yesterday night and shape, graidents were nice, footer is original imho. But the background had made my eyes tired. Today this new dark bg just feels ok, good work.

  • Lisa Suhin

    You kept the old spirit with a new design. Solid – clear.

    I like the font you use in the logo and cats. Can you share the name?

    And I a agree with Oliver that there is an empty space which you may use for more content.

  • Great job,

    I love the content here and the design is lovely.

    You seem to need small fixes but things look very nice.

  • Changing the background to black fixed my issues. Keep up the good work.

  • Test

    I use Ubuntu and Firefox and some design parts are broken.

  • I think overall the design looks great! Good work and keep it up!

  • @Sarah, thanks.