A Small Mobile-First CSS Framework: Cardinal

Today, there is an increasing number of CSS and front-end frameworks for all tastes.

Designers/developers can either choose a complete package or base frameworks to get started and build the projects on top of them.

Cardinal is a small and mobile-first CSS framework that positions itself as a starter-kit, provides the basics and lets the users customize/develop the rest.

Cardinal CSS

It is created for bringing responsive layouts to live and has easy-to-understand naming conventions for classes.

The framework uses modular scale, unit-less line heights and the power of the REM unit for resizing the typography and layout of your entire application for different devices.

There are styles for typography, grid, common layout modules, buttons, tables and more.

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  1. Reply Chris June 24, 2013 at 8:06 AM

    Hey, thanks for writing about my framework! It is still in the early development stages, but I plan on hitting 1.0 very soon. Form and menu styles are on the way.

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