Admin Templates: Professional XHTML Back-end Template (Huge Discount For WRD Readers)

Every web designer/developer, if building any web applications or not using a CMS package, requires an admin interface to manage the website/application.

Admin Templates is a professional and beautiful XHTML template that covers most of the scenarios a back-end may require.

Admin Templates

It is built by the talented friends at SSLmatic and I'm already using it in several projects including Uptime Robot + can easily say that the template is so flexible.

First of all, it has no hacks or anything complicated, just easy-to-understand XHTML. It is integrated with jQuery + jQuery UI and comes with various widgets like:

  • accordion
  • tabs
  • date-picker
  • lightbox
  • charts (that are created from tables)

And, if you don't use jQuery, just remove the include files and it is still very useful.

The template uses very few images and offers various navigation options where you can use any or all of them: a drop-down menu with 2-levels deep support at the top and "static and/or accordion side menus".

Admin Templates - Table

For displaying tabular data, a well-designed table is there with all the styles for paging, bulk actions, adding new records, etc.

One of the most used parts in and admin interface: forms are good-looking too. You can group radio or checkbox elements and every items has a spot for displaying warnings which are small but effective features.

There are much more features like a login form with a sliding "forgot password" form, message boxes for errors, warnings or successful actions, a design for displaying/managing images and more.

And, everything is styled to match a specific design which you simply can not go wrong.

The licensing is pretty straight-forward as well: get a single license and use it in any/many of your projects.

Huge Discount For WRD Readers

Admin Templates is offering a 33% special discount to WRD readers which makes the price $30 (rather than $45).

To get the discount, use the discount code: "wrd" in the pricing page (discount is valid for a limited time).