Adobe Edge – A Design Tool For HTML5-Based Animations

Adobe's Flash is probably having the most difficult days since its launch considering the no-iOS support and the increasing popularity of HTML5 + web standards.

A strong competitor to the Flash platform now comes right from Adobe with a tool named Edge that eases creating web-based interactive animations that only use HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS3.

There is a Flash-like timeline for building the animations and the built-in JavaScript engine used for them is jQuery.

Adobe Edge

Check out these demos and consider downloading the source files for the demos to start playing with the application quickly.

Adobe Edge is currently released as a preview release and offered for free during that period.

  • Preston

    Requirements: Windows Vista or Win7. Don’t run on Win XP

  • I wonder how this compares with Sencha Animator – would be great to see a head-to-head review

  • @Preston,

    Yes, it is Vista+ compatible. Just updated the info, thx.

  • @Russell,

    For today, I think Sencha Animator is more mature but Edge seems to produce more cross-browser code.

  • i want adobe company propose a full verson Tool For HTML5 to designer soon ,thanks