Ajax – PHP File Manager: eXtplorer

eXtplorer is a free Ajax – PHP file manager built with Ext JS library.

It can function both as a file manager for local files and a web-based ftp application.

Editing files with syntax highlighting, extracting archives & user management with permission levels are great features of this application.

Ajax File Manager

Some features of this Ajax file manager are:

  • Copy & move files and directories by drag&drop
  • Dynamic directory tree with on-demand loading of subdirectories
  • Rename, delete or create new files and directories
  • Upload or download files just as you like

eXtplorer is also available as a component for Joomla! and Mambo.

  • No demo?

  • @Jake,

    There is no demo. On the other hand, the application is so simple and can be easily installed & tested.

  • ZeRo

    is good!!!

  • First: Great design! (your site I mean)
    Second: Thank you for posting those file browsers (this one and the jQuery File Tree). I’ll use one of those two.
    Thanks again!

  • David Tran

    Thanks a lot! it’s the software very useful!

  • Daniel

    Thank you VERY much. Very much appreciated

  • Djódjó

    Many thanks!!!

  • deen

    Thank you very much… i appreciate it!!!… May god bless u…

  • This is terrific. I’ve been looking for a clean, fast solution like this for a while. Well done!

  • guys where is the demo ?

  • @Mithilesh,

    As far as we know there is no demo provided with the application.

  • Ahmed

    Thank you Jake,

    But I have a small problem!
    When I login, I see the message “Login successful!” but I’m redirected to login page again!

    It’s normal ?


  • Hi there

    We implemented this tool at a client. He runs an architect studio and needs to share data with his clients and with the staff from several municipalities.

    After a year of use he just called me and said it’s not working well. The use is limited to FireFox and even there it seems to fail now and then. As usual with non-tech people it was very difficult to find out WHAT exactly did not work and of what nature the errors where.

    Anyhow… it seems that this thing is not suitable for a productive environement where things need to be self-explanatory, simple and reliable.

  • I use eXtplorer as my multi user solution which enable my users to upload their software on my server. Excellent script

  • Fallik

    Great job: Simple, powerful, beautyful!

    As developer, I guess ExtJS is a wonderful framework and I like very much when it is masterfully used.

  • so sorry to say that demo page is not included…