Amazing Collaboration Software: is an open source collaboration software which helps teams to create collective knowledge.

It enables teams to share workspaces, applications, documents, files and digital content within a secure, unified environment & a web 2.0 interface.

Collaboration Software

Wikis, blogs, discussions, file repositories, events and web link-bases can be created & managed with a role based powerful access control.

Besides the users in the team, customers are also integrated to the application. is an amazing collaboration software with a very attractive user interface & is worth to take a look at.

And, it is platform independent, as it comes as a VMware instance which can be run via a VMware workstation, player or server.

  • alex hidalgo

    im looking for a CMS for a news management system wordpress is good but i need something more… but cant manage a lot of info.

  • dorian

    try drupal if u want the best
    if u dont want the best there is joomla

  • @alex,

    I agree with @dorian in Drupal. I’m not experienced with it but that’s what I read all the time. On the other hand, I can not think of anything that can’t be done via WordPress.

    Joomla, I find it too complicated when compared to what it does. But its powerful, that’s right.

  • SteveC

    A third option you might like to look at is – these guys are very good!

  • Abhi has released new version with inbuilt twitter like microblogging system for enterprise.

  • Nice Insight. A great collaboration application.