An Awesome jQuery Plugin For Creating Magical Layouts – Isotope

Isotope is an impressive jQuery plugin that enables us to sort items and create smart layouts.

Using the plugin, any given list of items can be filtered with show/hide effects and they can be re-ordered with slick animations.

Isotope jQuery Plugin

The plugin's layout features are very powerful as well. With a simple function, items can be converted into horizontal/vertical layouts or arranged intelligently within a grid and much more. And, all with nice animations.

Isotope’s animation engine takes advantage of the best browser features when available — CSS transitions and transforms, GPU acceleration — but falls back to JavaScript animation when they are not available.

  • Hy, very good script ! It works with ie6 too 😉
    Please what is the licence of this script ?

  • Awesome script! Thanks for publishing.

  • SFdude

    Nice script.
    But it’s definitely *NOT free* for commercial use.

    It’s US$37 for the Commercial License,
    another US$17 to get Tech suppport, questions answered, etc…

    Source for the above License info for Isotope:

  • @Coran Ecoute & @SFdude,

    Yes, it is only free for personal use and requires a license for commercial uses. Wishing it was totally free as well (but if such a licensing will help the resource being updated regularly and supported, it may be worth).

  • Isotope is definitely worth checking out. The amount of time and effort that went into the script is amazing. I recently built my portfolio around isotope and it’s bulletproof in multiple browsers with a responsive layout.

  • fedya

    Oh nice!
    Downloaded to try this)