Animals In Design: 35+ Free Animal-Themed Photoshop Brushes, Vectors And Icon Sets

Besides colors or objects, using animals in design to express an emotion is a very common method. Just like the lion in MGM which shows the power or Twitter’s bird spreading cuteness.

Although there are lots of animal themed design resources, it is almost impossible to find an organized one. So, here is a collection of 35+ free Photoshop animal brushes, vectors & icons to use or to get inspired.


Photoshop Animal Brushes

Various Animal Brushes (20 in the set)

Photoshop Animal Brushes

Ancient-Like Animal Brushes (5 in the set)

Photoshop Ancient Animal Brushes

Animal Prints (32 brushes)

Animal Print Brushes

A-Z Animal Brushes (70 in the set)

Animal Brushes

Hatchling Brushes

Hatchling Brushes

Photoshop Animal Tracks Brushes (32 in the set)

Photoshop Animal Track Brushes

Photoshop Cat Brushes (16 in the set)

Photoshop Cat Brushes

Bird Brush Set (17 brushes)

Photoshop Bird Brushes

Horse Brushes

Photoshop Horse Brushes

Various Animals

Photoshop Animal Brushes

Antartica Brush Set (polar bears, deers & penguins)

Photoshop Antarctica Brush Set

Cartooned Animal Cubes (11 brushes)

Cartoon Animal Brushes

Photoshop Cow Brushes

Photoshop Cow Brushes

Animal Stamps (18 Photoshop brushes in the set)

Animal Stamp Photoshop Brushes


Free Vector Animals

Jimiyo’s FREE Motorcity (Vector birds & more)

Vector Birds

Free Vector Insects

Free Vector Insects

Vector Eagles

Free Vector Eagles

Bird Silhouettes

Vector Bird Silhouettes

Heraldic Symbols

Ancient Animal Symbols

Vector Safari And Zoo Animals

Vector Safari And Zoo Animals


Vector Sharks


Vector Horses

Vector Birds

Free Vector Birds


Free Vector Octopus

Cheetah Stencil

Vector Cheetah


Free Animal Icons

Cute Critters Icon Pack

Free Animal Icons

Animals Icon Set

Animals Icon Set

Tweeties: Twitter Birds

Twitter Bird Icon Set

Underwater Icons

Underwater Animal Icons

Safari Animal Icons

Safari Animal Icons

Animal Pins Icon Set

Animal Pins Icon Set

Zoom-Eyed Animal Icons

Zoom-Eyed Animal Icons

Feed Me Animals – RSS Icon Set

Animal Feed Icons

Twitter Bird Icons (.PSD & .PNG)

Twitter Bird Icons

Kung Fu Panda Icon

Kung Fu Panda Icon

Twitter Bird

Twitter Icon

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    Awesome collection. Thanks a lot
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  2. Reply Nora Reed April 22, 2009 at 1:14 PM

    Awe these are great. Animals have such a huge effect on us as people in general. I think there are more animal lovers than anything else. That is certainly one great way to appeal to the masses.

  3. Reply San Diego wedding photographer September 21, 2009 at 2:26 PM

    Very cute brushes! Thanks a lot!

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    loved the website i hope you get more great pics in for us to look at! keep it up!

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