Animated Tag Clouds Built With HTML5 Canvas: TagCanvas

In the beginning of the web 2.0 trend, tag clouds were one of the most popular items of web design. And, they were (and still are) very useful in helping readers to easily locate the most-used tags.

Afterwards, the Flash-powered animated tag canvas came and it conquered many websites. The Flash -kinda- died, HTML5 is now everywhere and the animated tag cloud is still here for the new web built without Flash.


TagCanvas is an HTML5 canvas powered and animated tag cloud that has both standalone and jQuery plugin versions.

It has support for text +images and can be shaped as a sphere, hcylinder or vcylinder.

The resource has so many settings for maximum customization and works even in IE (thanks to ExplorerCanvas).

  • ark

    That is quite definitely the dumbest thing I have seen in a long time. Someone seriously thinks that it’s a good idea to move clickable items when the pointer is over them? Really?

  • Bob

    Clearly you have not seen this before.. it is not a new idea by any means but the fact that they used canvas for this version makes it a bit better. Also, if you move your mouse in the center is slows down to a near stop making it easy to click a tag if you must.

  • I think it’s useful, thanks!