Answerbase – Add a Widget-Supported Custom Q&A Platform (3 Accounts Giveaway)

Today, it is getting much more common to support a Q&A platform on your site rather than a forum.

Q&A systems are much more “to-the-point”, targeted to find the best answer and easier to use for both parties (users asking questions and the ones answering them).

Answerbase is a quality hosted platform for adding such Q&A interaction that can be integrated into any website with ease (there is single sign-on-auth support and a full-featured API).

Answerbase - Add Q&A

The application provides customization on each functionality like defining “who can ask questions or send replies (anyone or only users)”, there is a points system which makes experts more significant.

It has a powerful admin panel that enables the system admin to control all the details + content, works on mobile and integrates nicely into social platforms.

Also, it has widgets for listing and/or starting the conversation from any web page. The widgets list include:

  • Q&A tab (for placing a button that displays the “ask  a question” form)
  • Ask a question (for embedding the form into anywhere we prefer)
  • Full feature Q&A (a widget to ask questions and view popular questions/answers)
  • Question list (display topic-specific questions)
  • Expert list (present topic-specific experts)
Answerbase - Commerce Q&A

Answerbase is very good at handling such uses:

Online communities

Q&A websites can be the community itself or just a part of it. They attract new users so easily as users are eager to register for getting answers and the content generated regularly attracts new visitors (from search engines).

Private collaboration

Companies can use it for creating and sharing private-only content and knowledge-base by providing access to only registered/approved users.

Social commerce & customer support

Like mentioned, such a Q&A website can easily be the pre-sales or support community of a product/service. And, if supported actively by the customer support staff, it’ll be a good place to turn questions into sales.

And, within time, it’ll become a “pool of answers” where potential customers won’t even need to contact the staff.

The giveaway

Answerbase is giving away 3 annual Business Plan subscriptions. In order to win one of the annual licenses:

  • sign-up for a free trial of the Answerbase service
  • submit your Answerbase site name to the comments

Winners will be picked randomly with the query below 1 week later (29 Jan 2013):

SELECT * FROM wp_comments WHERE comment_post_id=3620 AND comment_approved=1 AND comment_type='' GROUP BY comment_author_email ORDER BY RAND() LIMIT 3

Good luck everyone.

The winners

Here they are:

  • @Magnum Themes
  • @Derek
  • @der_robert