Attractive jQuery Page Curl Plugin

Sexy Curls jQuery plugin is an open source solution for creating a page curl feature with ease.

It uses the jQuery UI & its resizable package.

jQuery Page Curl Plugin

It provides settings to customize the look & usage:

  • side: for defining which direction the curl effect will occur
  • turnImage: image used to create the effect
  • max. height, starting height & starting width

The smoothness of the curl effect is very impressive.

There is also another jQuery plugin named Page Peel which also accomplishes a similar result, but uses a Flash file.

  • Hey, I’m the creator of the Page Peel one (which can also use images), but this poses an interesting take on the whole page peel thing.

    Great job!

  • hi, i really like this one

  • Hey, I’m thinking about using this on a project. Can you put actual content within the flipped portion rather than just an image like in the example?