Attractive Sitemaps With SlickMap CSS

SlickMap CSS is a stylesheet for transforming HTML unordered lists into attractive sitemaps.

The stylesheet can easily fit into most of the websites as it supports up to 3-level navigations.

It also provides a functional visual output by displaying the URLs besides the titles. For a demo of SlickMap CSS, click here.


  • Jim

    I really like this. Unfortunately I’m going to have to wait until it plays nice w/IE6. *Shakes fist at MS*

    PS. Although it plays nice with IE7, you loose the rounded corners since IE sucks at CSS3.

  • Nice


  • Nice initiative! Thanks for sharing.

  • TaTaC

    Good idea but No work fine over 3 sub level.

  • I like it! Thanks for sharing : )

  • I get “Page not found” 🙁