Augmented Reality Opensourced: EZFlar

In order to better understand this resource, let’s describe augmented reality first. From Wikipedia:

Augmented reality (AR) is a term for a live direct or indirect view of a physical real-world environment whose elements are merged with (or augmented by) virtual computer-generated imagery – creating a mixed reality

EZFlar is an open source ActionScript library that enables you to create such a media. Or, you can use the online generator.

EZFlar - Augmented Reality

How it works?

It simply inserts a pre-defined media inside a "pre-defined object" in another media.

There is an online generator provided. You’ll need a webcam & a printer to test it instantly:

  • Select the media to be integrated (image, video, sound, URL, etc.)
  • Print a special shape provided
  • Display the printed sheet while the application records you through your webcam
  • It will insert the "selected media" to the place where you hold the sheet.

It may look complicated, however, you can check this video or this one to see it working.

  • Dan

    That’s pretty awesome stuff! Made by brazilians!

  • Tout simplement génial!
    Il y a enormement d’effervescence dans ce domaine et les initiaties open source commencent a fleurir de partout!
    Voila de quoi occuper de nombreux développeurs flash…

  • check out John Mayers new video in augmented reality! 😀

  • Excellent, augmented reality is the future, I have seen an app from ING Direct which was able to locate ATM around you, incredible.

  • Mark

    It seems like this stuff doesn’t work properly anymore. Using FLV’s doesn’t work at all, and 3d DAE models don’t work either – they only show up as a few lines and colors..

    If anyone has tried this library lately, I would really like to hear people’s experiences with this..

  • Mark M


    Same results here.. Seems you’re right.. I did a lot of tweaking and messing around with it, but it doesn’t work properly.