Auto-Playing Content Slider With jQuery

Css-Tricks is sharing a beautiful jQuery content slider with auto-play feature.

The content slider can play any type of media & besides the auto-play you can switch between the contents easily.

jQuery Content Slider

The slider is very easy to implement & it is cross-browser. The sliding effect is done with the jQuery Coda slider plugin.

To view a demo of this jQuery featured content slider, click here.

  • goooooood one. i needed that.

  • Jeanniffer

    Very nice!!!!

  • Sebastian

    nice script!

    Is is possibel to use a custom string instead of the “#1”, “#2”, …
    for example

    best regards

  • Naresh Kalose

    Its very nice script but it is possible to have numbers below the Image instead of Image Thumbnail.

    If you can upload script like that its very grateful for me

    Naresh K

  • alex

    this is only for image slider not text content . i’d like to similar one like thi

  • Sharan

    Ohh..!! Its very nice script

  • a good script i will surely use it in future ….many thanks

  • amr

    hi is it possible to change it to tow arrow instead of photos ??