Auto-Reload When CSS/JS Changes For Any IDE With Tincr

When working on a project, after each CSS or JavaScript update, the need to refresh the browser is a time-loss (and it is usually done 10s of times).

Tincr, a Chrome extension, solves this by integrating itself into Chrome’s Developer Tools and auto-refreshing the browser once these files are changed.

Tincr Chrome Extension

It is not bound to any IDE and works with all of them. There are several built-in project types (Ruby on Rails, Chrome extensions, Atlasian projects..) and custom ones can be created for any custom CSS/JS structure.

Also, it -kinda- converts the Developer Tools into an IDE by adding an auto-save feature to changes made to the code from Developer Tools

  • I tried this and had poor results. I ended up using LiveReload instead.

  • I also tried this extension and couldn’t get it to work.

    Either it is broken in it’s current implimentation, or it is poorly documented.

    Livereload looks good. Unfortunately there is no linux version. On their page, they recommend yet another extension for linux users: guard-livereload. This recommendation is pretty stupidly pointless unless the developer is building on rails.