Building A Web Application In 4 Days?

This is not a usual resource post of WRD but considering it may be handy when building web applications, here it is.

This is about a post published in TechCrunch, so most of you might have followed it.

It is about Carsonified creating the Matt (a multi-account Twitter tweeter application) in 4 days, how they did it, advices and they recorded it too.

I’ve been to their FOWD & FOWA conferences, personally met with Ryan Carson and saw how a small but concentrated team doing great jobs. So, I like Carsonified applications (like DropSend). This is why I think their advices are real world advices which can be handy.

Multi-User Twitter

There is also an interesting conversation going on with the comments.

A Techcrunch reader, Chris, finds the 4 days & $10,000 spent for the application much and starts creating a similar application in few hours (lack of design & PR). You may follow comments of him. Two different approaches when creating the application.

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  1. Reply demogar July 4, 2008 at 9:49 PM

    Thats insane….. O M G…
    What framework were they using to develop that site?

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