Chart.js – Standalone Charting Library With HTML5 Canvas

Chart.js is an impressive JavaScript charting library that is built on top of HTML5 canvas.

It currently supports 6 chart types (line, bar, radar, pie, column and polar area) and all this comes in a standalone, <5kb package.


Colors, fonts, borders and their sizes can all be customized. Also, optionally, charts can be loaded with an animation.

As the library is built with canvas, it works on a wide set of browsers, loads fast but lacks interactivity.

  • zahid

    nice work……

  • great library if I start think of

  • Chris

    That’s a nice library for displaying smaller Charts, but if you want more freedome, interactivity and wide browser support i would recommend highcharts.
    For me it’s very important that the user has the ability to display more or less information on the fly.

  • Danny

    Well, that was short lived. Too bad, sounded interesting.

  • Just a heads up, Nick had to pull down Chart.js for concernes of “intellectual property and similarities in projects” with his employeer.

  • Neal

    Unfortunately it has been pulled 🙁

  • Luis

    It has been taken down by the creator due to concerns about intellectual property and his current employer.

  • This project is closed!

  • Seems to be back on.