Cheap SSL Certificates From SSLmatic – 5 RapidSSL Certificates Giveaway

Almost every e-commerce website & web application that requires a secure connection needs a SSL certificate.

You can buy certificates from the websites of the related brands, or to buy them much cheaper:

SSlmatic - Cheap SSL Certificates

SSLmatic is a very-easy-to-use & concentrated e-store where you can buy SSL certificates of the most popular brands for far cheaper prices.

And, they are giving away 5 RapidSSL certificates/1 year ($19.99/year) to WebResourcesDepot readers. Details of the giveaway can be found at the bottom of the post.

The prices are:

An there are wildcard certificates too:

It is easy & fast:

Process of purchasing these cheap SSL certificates is very simple:

  • Choose your certificate
  • Complete the payment
  • And get an e-mail with a special link of the related SSL brand to self-issue your SSL certificate
  • This process takes only 15 minutes in most certificates

How to win the free certificates?

Commenting to this post is enough to join this giveaway & winners will be selected randomly via the query below on 14 January 2009 (8 days later)update: winners will be announced on: 16 January 2009.

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Good luck to all : ).