Chico UI – A Free Pack Of jQuery User Interface Components

Chico UI is an open source and free set of user interface components to ease developing with jQuery.

The components include auto-complete, blink, calendar, carousel, countdown, date-picker, dropdown, expando, form and more.

There is a CSS layout framework named Chico Mesh for accomplishing any type of web layouts and grids.

Chico UI

Also, a CSS library exists for styling HTML and UI elements like lists, tables, buttons, typography, pagination.etc..

Each Chico UI resource is well-documented + supported with demos and various tutorials exist for more details.

  • Bob

    Looked. Seems like a huge waste of the developers time considering everything in the library is also done in Jquery-UI except for maybe zoom.

  • Aceman3000

    I thought the same as Bob.

  • I disagree with you guys, i think Chico UI has a lot more features than Jquery UI i.e. Layout (Chico Mesh), validation forms, several widgets and others… and i don’t think that developing a new framewrok is a waste of time, where we would be if people did not develop because something is already done.