CMS For Flash Websites: FlashMoto CMS

When we hear about a Flash CMS, there is mostly a prejudice that it may not be that functional.

FlashMoto CMS is a totally different one which is quite impressive & really works for managing Flash-based websites.

With the help of a good-looking & easy-to-use interface, a website is controlled just like a standard CMS but with the extras that Flash offers.

FlashMoto Logo

What does it offer in a snapshot?

Using FlashMoto CMS, it is possible to:

  • add unlimited number of pages, update or delete them
  • manage your website menu (with sub-menus)
  • create image galleries & add-remove images to them
  • create forms
  • upload videos & music
  • insert shapes or other Flash files

The content is created using a WYSIWYG editor. There is a media library where you can upload images, video or SWF files & use them in any part of the website with a few clicks.

FlashMoto Admin Panel

It has a built-in gallery component for displaying a list of images and/or videos. This feature is specially useful for designers, photographers or anyone willing to present a portfolio.

Adding a standalone background music or embedding videos from popular services like Youtube, Vimeo is also a breeze.

Similar to HTML websites, websites created with FlashMoto CMS are indexable by search engines & every page has their own URLs + titles.

It also allows you to define the Google Analytics details & statistics of the website will be tracked (every page will tracked even it is a Flash website).

FlashMoto Templates

Like mentioned in the beginning, FlashMoto CMS is like a standard CMS, it controls websites that are prepared to fit the XML-based templating system it offers.

Any Flash developer can build new templates (a detailed documentation is provided) or there are FlashMoto CMS templates offered which are ready to go.

Besides all these features, there are much more like:

  • various other built-in components like scroll bar, progress bar or paginator
  • ability to upload custom fonts
  • infoModule to display news
  • & much more..


This Flash CMS is a very flexible & powerful product which is handy for:

  • any designer that creates websites in Flash & wants to provide a backend to customers
  • anyone willing to create a website easily & quickly using ready-to-go templates

It is possible to give it a try with the demo provided & better see how functional it can be.

P.S. This post is a sponsored review.

  • Simon

    I’m normally not a fan of Flash but after trying the demo of FlashMoto, I can say that customers will like it much.

    I’m gonna use it in small-business, portfolio type of websites that doesn’t have too many content to present.

  • roger

    ther are upcoming a lot of systems, let’s have a look which will be the best

  • Thank you for the great review!

  • it’s not free….but it’s great CMS

  • FLash CMS … bad idea.. while the application appears to be a neat solution, the big issue is flash plugin technology does not degrade well on many platforms… example:

    – Its not easily crawlable by search engines
    – It wont show up on the current crop of mobile smartphones
    – Does not play well with assistive technologies (screen readers for the blind)

    I see it as usability and accessibility as paramount over design and animation.
    my 2cents.

  • A very powerful software ,but it’s not free

  • Mr-H

    nice one
    but not free and its soooooo slow

  • Ahsan

    Dead slow

  • alex

    i am working on a powerful and easy to use flash based cms, at the moment is ready to enter beta test.
    some features it has:
    – friendly interfaz.
    – manage your pages and resources (videos, images) with an easy to use control panel.
    – powerful wysiwyg editor
    – support scripting.
    – support animation with tweens.
    – powerful set of components with properties, methods and events. using this and the scripting language you will get the most amazing effects.
    – expandable using widgets.
    – and more many more

    If you want to know more about it go to:

  • I use this cms for 3 years and have no troubles with it! Recommended!