Code Snippet Manager: Snippely

I am, kinda, well-organised developer and try not to code similar things twice and keep my code snippets within folders to reach them whenever needed.

Today I saw Snippely, a code snippet manager built with Adobe AIR by the Mootools development team (yeah, complicated).

Code Snippet Manager

With a very simple interface Snippely organizes your code snippets and can highlight coding syntax for easier reading. Best of all it is open source, which Adobe AIR developers looking for a good Mootools sample may find handy to dive into the code.

  • try to use this one, it’s more useful.

  • I have been fighting for a while to find a decent way to manage the various snippets I use. Coming from the Visual Studio series of products this wasn’t that tough until I left that and switched over to PHP and Java. After stumbling upon Snippely here I must say I really like it. It is very simple and clean and being my first AIR application I have to say I am pretty impressed with all of it!