Compile Your *.less Files Into Valid CSS: SimpLESS

LESS is a great language for writing styles faster and getting more out of CSS with its dynamic nature (variables, mixins, operations and functions).

Normally, .less files are live-converted to CSS via JavaScript by the browser (or server -like Node.js-).

SimpLESS brings another option for designers willing to generate the CSS from .less files quickly.


It is a desktop-app that has versions for Windows, Mac OS X + Linux and works simply by drag 'n' dropping your project files into the app and getting the CSS output.

P.S. SimpLESS is also an open source project.

  • i have a ning network which uses LESS CSS… might anyone know if this would work with a Ning platform?

  • Oleg

    I downloaded SimpLESS for Windows, installed. Drag’Drop Project folder inside. But nothing happens!

  • @Oleg, did you open your .less file and tried saving it? It should compile right after you save your .less file into .css.