Compress JPG, GIF & PNG Images – punypng

punypng is a free web-based application which can seriously compress JPG, GIF & PNG images without any loss of quality.

The application first analyzes the content of your image and figures out the best image format to use. If necessary, converts the format automatically.

punypng Image Compression

It also has built-in support for dirty transparency* which can save an average of extra 10% for transparent GIF & PNG files.

What would be more amazing is the service to offer a desktop tool with context menu support.

*: an innovative technique that offers additional compression to any PNG or GIF as long as it has either 8-bit or 1-bit transparency

  • Vim

    Wow what a great tool, this type of tool will really be useful when making websites with galleries. This will definitely help reduce loading time?

  • pat

    “What would be more amazing is the service to offer a desktop tool with context menu support.”…..

    and i’d love for one of these services to sport a free developers api.

  • Chad

    It would be great to see an AIR app to tie into this. Web tools are useful, but limiting because they can’t quickly be tied into a workflow. If they build an AIR app similar in nature to the Shrink-o-matic app that would be great.

  • Poppho

    GIF and PNG works very well.
    But for JPG photo, you still need to beat Image Compressor 2008

  • kiwus

    can anyone tell if it’s better than ?

  • I tried this on a page and compared the results with smush it. punyPNG saved me 33.1 KB and smush it saved me 49.22 KB – so would suggest in my single test that smush it is better.

    Please note that this page didn’t include anything transparent, so I don’t know if that’s where this shines?!?!?

  • Mr. Ariff

    currently, i’m doing some research on GIF & PNG. Someone please help me with full explaination. 🙂