Create Good-Looking Buttons Quickly: CSS3 Buttonize Framework

Resources on creating CSS3 buttons that looked stylish was shared previously at WRD.

CSS3 Buttonize Framework is a new addition to this list which comes with styles for creating buttons in various sizes.

Icons can be used inside the items and there are ready-to-use classes for building disabled, striped or highlighted buttons and a panel/horizontal navigation.

CSS3 Buttonize Framework

  • isabelle

    It sounds your posts are now the same as Greepit, or Greepit as the same as you. Are you now partners?

  • @isabelle,

    No, but there are not too many nice resources being created and released for free and it is possible that many other websites sharing them at the same time as well.

  • A great help for designer, css3 is latest trend in design, and every designer should start to be familiar with this.
    Thanks for sharing