Cross-Browser JavaScript Debugging: NitobiBug

NitobiBug is a browser-based, cross-browser JavaScript object logger script.

Using this debugger, you can inspect a JavaScript object to discover its members and the values of those members.

JavaScript Debugging Tool

NitobiBug intelligently discerns simple types like strings, booleans, and numbers, from complex objects like error messages and objects.

For example, to inspect an object:

var myDomObject = document.getElementById('someID');

is enough. It will present you the results in a pop-up like draggable, expandable interface.

As there are nice tools for debugging like Firebug but few are cross browser, NitobiBug works on the following browsers:

  • Internet Explorer 6+
  • Firefox 1+
  • Safari (Only tested 3+)
  • Opera 8+