Cross Browser Testing In The Desktop: BrowseEmAll (5 Licenses Giveaway)

Years pass and browsers still render stuff very differently : ). It seems like they will keep doing so considering the different engines out there: WebKit, Gecko, IE, Presto (Opera).

They have different defaults, some CSS properties don't work on another and there can even be inconsistencies when rendering JavaScript.

BrowseEmAll is a Windows software for testing a website with many different browsers interactively and removing the pain out of the whole testing process.


The software looks and works like a browser which allow us to select the rendering engine from a wide list of options:

  • Internet Explorer (7 – 9)
  • Firefox (3.6 – 12)
  • Chrome (12, 16, 19)
  • Safari (4, 5, 5.1)
  • Opera (10, 11)
  • iPhone, iPhone 4
  • iPad, iPad 2 simulator
  • Android (2.2, 2.3, 3.2 tablet, 4.0, 4.0 tablet)

It is also possible to select the resolution and viewport (landscape or portait) for mobile + tablet browsers.

Once a website is loaded with the browser of our preference, we can browse it like a regular website and see if things work as expected.

Under the loaded website, there is a useful little feature, "Inspect and Compare", for comparing the HTML + DOM structure of the loaded URL with another browser to better locate any possible inconsistencies.

BrowseEmAll Report

As BrowseEmAll works on our computer, we can also test websites hosted locally and no need to upload them to the web.

Besides browsing websites, the software can also automatically-generate cross-browser compatibility reports for selected browsers. The report includes screenshots with each browser and any HTML-CSS errors (if exists). 

To sum up, BrowseEmAll is a very good option for very quickly testing websites across multiple browsers with a single installation. Specially, the local testing feature makes it pretty unique.

How to join the giveaway?

BrowseEmAll is giving away 5 Professional licenses (worth $89/each).

In order to join the giveaway, you can choose one of the methods below or do both to increase your chances:

Winners will be selected randomly on 06 Jun 2012 (1 week later). Good luck to all.

The winners

Here they are:

  • DR (comment #607895)
  • ‏@ptamaro
  • Roger Willis (comment #605492)
  • Murat Pala (comment #610234)
  • @michelfortin

Congratulations to the winners and thanks to everyone for joining the giveaway.

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