CSS transforms For IE: Transformie

Transformie is a lightweight (~5kb) jQuery plugin that enables you to use CSS transforms in Internet Explorer by mapping the native IE Filter API to CSS transitions as proposed by Webkit.

It supports the functions:

  • rotate
  • scale, scaleX, scaleY
  • skew, skewX, skewY
  • matrix (with the exception of the last two modifiers, tx and ty)

It works in Internet Explorer 6 + 7 and does not apply anything in other browsers.


  • Nice Plugin…

  • What about IE8?

  • Great plugin, will there be any possibility of a version being released for Firefox? I hate having to transform images before adding them to a website they never seem to look right. This plugin will make life easier and i can tweek the transform in my coding rather than having to keep changing the image version.