Custom Form Elements JavaScript Library

Custom Form Elements (CFE) is a JavaScript library for enhancing your form elements in means of design, usability & accessibility.

CFE aims to support all JavaScript frameworks (currently supports MooTools) & works in most A Grade browsers.

Custom Form Elements

Some features of Custom Form Elements:

  • unobstrusive
  • completely styleable via CSS
  • supports custom events like onHover-onClick
  • can auto-generate tooltips from "title" attributes
  • select all / deselect all functionality for checkboxes
  • & more..
  • Edwin

    This really rocks! The best styling for forms I’ve seen so far.

  • Josh Guffey

    Problem with it is I need different sizes on my select elements- Having to hack the javascript file so that I can get this functionality- and I’m no javascript guy. Has anyone come across this problem and what is the best solution?

  • @Josh

    No JS Hack is needed for this – you can modify the css.

    If you have given all selects an id, the replacing “alias” (cfe) will hav a class like “jsSelector jsmyId”.

    With this class, you’re able to style all selects specificly.

    Kind regards

    P.S. use the customformelements forums at sourceforge for further requests:

  • kartul

    how to install it, what do i need to change, what classes where? theres no good install manual anywhere

  • I must say that I have battled to get this going. I agree with Kartul, there are no good instructions anywhere. please help make instructions clear. Thanks