Customizable And Free Flash-XML Slideshow

Flabell is presenting a free Flash-XML slideshow which can be customized with ease.

Images presented are displayed with a blur effect & the color of the navigation bar can change on every image (using the colors of that image can be a good idea – set manually in the XML file).

Free Flash XML Slideshow

For every image, you can also define:

  • URLs, when they are clicked
  • target to be _blank or not
  • transparency of the navigation bar

The slideshow comes with the source file (.FLA) & in order to download it, a free membership is required.

  • Bokanegro

    So good…and simple

  • I don’t mean to be extremely annoying but does anyone know of a resource where I can learn to install this slideshow on my site? I’m new to xml but really interested.


  • Levi, you can ask any questions about our product in the product page. Click on the title, and see you have the Comments tab there!


  • priya