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-1° PDF Sheets For Sketching Responsive Websites

In the past, "few resources for sketching websites on paper with ease" was shared at WRD. Here is a new one -Responsive Sketchsheets- that fulfills the need of sketching responsive website layouts by ZURB. The download pack includes a single PDF file with multiple scenarios: "only mobile", ...


Free PDF Sketch Templates For Web, Mobile & Tablet

When designing websites and/or apps, sketching ideas can help thinking on ideas visually and ease discussing on them. Interface Sketch is a pack of free browser sketch sheets for web, mobile and tablet. They are available as PDF files, provided in 2 sizes: A4 + US letter and includes the most popular devices like ...


TinyPNG: Web-Based PNG Shrinker

There are various solutions exist for compressing and minimizing the size of images (like, PNGGauntlet, punypng, and more). Here is another good one: TinyPNG that only works with PNG files, shrinks them -nearly- without loss that an eye can see and by keeping the transparency. It works ...


Free Sketching And Wireframing Templates For Mobile

Smashing Magazine has released a very handy freebie for designers/developers that are working on mobile project. It is a set of UX sketching and wireframing templates which consists of 2 parts: Outline This is a pack of 28 printable sketching and wireframing papers (in PDF) for the most popular mobile platforms. ...


PDF Sketch Sheets For Creating Wireframes

Creating wireframes in the beginning of any design process can help creating an output without any surprises. Sneakpeekit is a website providing high-quality PDF sketch sheets for web designers. The sheets are compatible with the most popular grid systems like Less Framework 4, 978 grid system, 1140 css grid, The ...


Photoshop Action To Prevent Banding – No More Banding

If you are using Photoshop, you should already have encountered the issue of banding in gradients. This usually happen in 8-bit but, even when working with 16-bit, this can occur if you need to apply an 8-bit filter. No More Banding is a Photoshop action which automatically converts your document into 16-bit and ...


Compile Your *.less Files Into Valid CSS: SimpLESS

LESS is a great language for writing styles faster and getting more out of CSS with its dynamic nature (variables, mixins, operations and functions). Normally, .less files are live-converted to CSS via JavaScript by the browser (or server -like Node.js-). SimpLESS brings another option for designers willing to ...