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Compile Your *.less Files Into Valid CSS: SimpLESS

LESS is a great language for writing styles faster and getting more out of CSS with its dynamic nature (variables, mixins, operations and functions). Normally, .less files are live-converted to CSS via JavaScript by the browser (or server -like Node.js-). SimpLESS brings another option for designers willing to ...


Adobe Edge – A Design Tool For HTML5-Based Animations

Adobe's Flash is probably having the most difficult days since its launch considering the no-iOS support and the increasing popularity of HTML5 + web standards. A strong competitor to the Flash platform now comes right from Adobe with a tool named Edge that eases creating web-based interactive animations that ...


An Illustrator Plug-In For Converting AI Files To HTML5 Canvas

MIX Online, a Microsoft-powered website on web design and development, is sharing a free Adobe Illustrator plugin for converting .AI files into HTML5 canvas. AI->Canvas plug-in offers options for drawing, animation and coding, such as "events" so that you can build interactive, well-designed canvas-based ...


View Vector Files Quickly: PSD/AI/EPS Viewers

Photoshop, Illustrator and Freehand, besides being amazing applications, all have a bad feature; their initial load is pretty slow. And, when you only need to see what is inside a vector file to find the right one or you don't have these applications (but may need to open vector files), PSD, EPS and AI Viewer ...


Find Differences In 2 PSD Files: ComparePSD

Sometimes we work on a PSD file, duplicate it and work more on it when creating a new version. And one day, we need a layer or effect that only exists in only one of these files, search for it which can become complicated (what we're looking can be invisible as well). ComparePSD is a free Windows software that ...


Simple & Functional Screenshot Tool: LightShot

LightShot is a simple & free tool which makes taking screenshots very easy. With the click of a keyboard shortcut, a cropping interface appears where it is possible to: set the area of the screenshot make it fullscreen copy to clipboard upload to the net & get a link edit it on a web-based ...


A Layout Grid With JavaScript And CSS: #grid

#grid is a tiny tool, built with JavaScript & CSS, which inserts a layout grid into web pages & enables you to detect alignment issues in place. It is activated with a hotkey (Alt+g) & can toggle between displaying the grid in the foreground or background. By default, #grid comes with a 980-pixel-wide ...


The Ultimate Screenshot Tool: Screenpresso

Screenpresso is a simple-yet-powerful & free screenshot tool that improves your Ctrl+Print function. It can capture the entire screen, region or window with various options like "including the cursor", "automated resizing of them" or even "applying automated effects". The tool ...


Lightweight Image Editor Software: StylePix

StylePix is a free image editing software, an alternative for Photoshop or Fireworks, with numerous advanced features. It has an intuitive user interface where all the controls can be selected easily. The software works with layers & offers multi-layer/group editing support. Some features of ...