Drop-downs (List-Menus) With Images – ddSlick

Improving (manipulating) standard HTML elements with JavaScript for a better usability makes sense when used wisely.

ddSlick, a lightweight jQuery plugin, does that by mimicking the behavior of list-menus with a better look and more information.

It works as a drop-down menu where we can use images and description besides a simple text.

ddSlick jQuery Plugin

The data source that populates the drop-down options is JSON and there are multiple options for customizing the functionality. The look & feel can be changed as well (very few styles used).

There is also a callback function that is fired when an option is selected (which is good for auto-modifying a hidden form for a possible submit, etc.).

  1. Reply Bruno Seixas May 24, 2012 at 3:30 AM

    One for the bookmarks =)

  2. Reply Priyanka December 1, 2012 at 6:56 AM

    I got data by Json Object. My ddsclick drop down shows but when I click it nothing happen.
    How to return my clicked items ?

    now returns only [object Object]

    var jsonurl = ‘dropDown.html’;
    type : ‘GET’,
    url : jsonurl,
    data : {},
    success : function(myData) {
    data : myData,
    width : 300,
    selectText : “Select the bill process”,
    imagePosition : “right”,
    onSelected : function(selectedData) {
    error : function() {

    But as per my firebug it shows my json response like this


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