E-mail To SMS Providers List (Easiest Way To SMS-Enable Web Applications)

You remember Uptime Robot, a free website uptime monitoring service that we launched few weeks ago.

While building it, we're looking for a free & easy way for adding SMS support to the application which would notify users when their websites were down (and back up).

There are great APIs around but they are paid & we experienced that the best way to do this is using the e-mail to SMS gateways of mobile providers.

But we needed a list of providers that had support for e-mail to SMS.

E-mail To SMS Providers List

After digging, we found several lists, realized that every provider has a different format where some requires a prefix & other can require a suffix, digit requirements differ, etc.

At the end we merged lists, removed invalid entries, added new ones with the help of Uptime Robot users & created a flexible MySQL table that included this data.

Now, we're sharing it (as SQL & CSV formats) at the Uptime Robot website so you can easily add SMS support to your web applications & won't lose the time we already did.

P.S. Note that there may still be some invalid entries that we couldn't get a feedback yet. If you think there are, please share them in comments, we'll updating them & always be sharing the latest version of the data.