Easy Rounded Corners: jQuery Corners

jQuery Corners is a jQuery plugin for creating nice-looking, anti-aliased rounded corners without using any images.

The plugin is unobtrusive & works well with all major browsers including iPhone.

jQuery Rounded Corners

The corners to be rounded & the radius of the corners can be easily set.

And, a great feature is the ability to round form buttons.

Update 26.01.2011: The URL of the resource is updated as the developer's website is no longer available.

  • Thanks for this great post.

  • Christo

    All Major browsers?
    Try it again with Opera, IE6 and IE7.
    Major issues in all of them!

  • nur

    not working in IE6 and IE7 fir me 🙁

  • Not working in IE8 either.. So who’s going to update this script? Are there any alternatives??

  • James Moberg

    The atblabs.com website is offline… you might was well remove this post.

  • @James,

    Thanks for the notification and just updated the link.