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Web-Based Code Editor By Adobe – Brackets

Brackets is an open source code editor (IDE), built by Adobe, which is created with only client-side web technologies like HTML-CSS and JavaScript. The editor focuses on simplicity and, rather than too many panels, the quick-edit UI is the main thing. A "live development" feature syncs a browser with the ...


WebMatrix 2 – Microsoft’s Web Development Tool Gets Much Better

Around 2 years ago, Microsoft had announced the first version of WebMatrix and it was shared at WRD. Lately, they have made the release-candidate of WebMatrix 2 available and it has become an exciting product for many. The tool now has support for the most recent web-dev technologies including HTML5-CSS3, Node.js or ...


Version Control Made Easy – GitHub For Windows & Mac

GitHub is one of the most popular hosted version control services around and, besides its premium plans, usage is completely free for open source projects. Many widely-used projects are hosted there (including Node.js Ruby on Rails, PHP or jQuery) and it definitely helps taking the code under control + improving the ...


Intype – A Speedy & Flexible Text Editor For Developers

If you like working with lightweight editors when coding or willing to switch to a lighter one, Intype is a very nice option. It is a fast-loading text editor that has support for syntax highlighting and snippets on most of the popular languages (and new ones are being added regularly). The application can handle ...


Crunch: A Simple-Yet-Beautiful LESS Editor & Compiler

If you already use it, then you know that LESS is a "time and byte-saver" when creating + serving stylesheets (if not, you should definitely check it). You either use the .less files directly (via less.js or on the server with Node.js) or compile them into CSS from command-line and use only the CSS. ...


PNG Optimizer For Windows – PNGGauntlet

There are various PNG optimizer apps for Mac OS X (check this WRD article for them) but only a few for Windows. PNGGauntlet is a free Windows application for squeezing each and every byte in PNG files. With a very nice drag 'n' drop enabled user interface, the application can optimize any given number of ...


DOM Monster: A Bookmarklet For In-Page Analysis

DOM Monster is a bookmarklet, created by Thomas Fuchs of, for analyzing the DOM and several other features of a page. It works cross-platform/browser, checks the HTML + JavaScript codes and can come with warnings/suggestions like: Reduce the number of tags that use the style attribute (85 ...