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JPEGmini – Smaller Images, Faster Websites

JPEGmini is a free-to-use online service for compressing JPEG files up to 80% without any perceivable loss. It uses a new/patent pending technology, works only on JPEG files and generates JPEG files again as the output. The performance reaches the top when the images are high quality photos and ...


Impressive & Free Load Testing Tool – loadUI

loadUI is an open source, cross-platform and free load testing tool that supports all the standard protocols-technologies. With a slick, drag 'n' drop interface, it allows us to create new tests and fine tune every detail very easily. The tool consists of various components that play with each other very ...


WIODE – Open Source, Plain & Web-Based IDE

WIODE is an open source and web-based IDE application which focuses on simplicity and expandability. It is built with PHP-MySQL and has an interface that will feel familiar to anyone working with desktop IDEs. The application is very easy to work with; it can manage multiple projects, a file-tree helps browsing ...


Make Bookmarklets Quickly – Boo.kmarked

Bookmarklets are amazing little helpers whether you are a web designer/developer or a standard internet user. There is a handy one for everybody. For ex, lately, I am regularly using Holmes.css as a part of my HTML debugging process, Syntaclet on dev-related articles and Readability for reading long articles. And, ...


Command-Line WebKit Engine – PhantomJS

PhantomJS is a command-line tool that acts like a WebKit browser without any interface. It has a fast and native support for various web standards:DOM handling, CSS selector, JSON, Canvas, and SVG. The tool can be totally scripted via JavaScript and is a handy solution for many things like: automated testing ...


A Bookmarklet To Prettify Codes In Any Web Page – Syntaclet

Reading codes in websites can be challenging if no syntax highlighter is used (check 11 Syntax Highlighters To Beautify Code Presentation). Language specific tags, functions, etc. will be hard to recognize specially in long pieces of codes. Syntaclet is a bookmarklet which can automatically highlight codes on web ...


16 Stable & Free IDEs For Designers/Developers

For a productive development process, every web designer/developer needs tools that are functional and make you feel comfortable.  An IDE (integrated development environment) is possibly the most frequently used tool as it is your touch to the code whether you're building something from scratch or applying ...


An Apache Mod. By Google For Faster Websites

Google is so decisive on making the web faster with the tools and resources it creates. Also remember that they had announced "speed being a factor in Google's search rankings". Google is now sharing an open source Apache module named mod_pagespeed that automatically optimizes web pages. It works ...


Google Chrome Frame Makes Internet Explorer A Better Browser

Google Chrome Frame is an open source Internet Explorer plugin that enables IE to use the open web technologies and speedy JavaScript engine of Google Chrome. It is actually not so fresh and around for a while, however, the stable version of the plugin is released lately and it is ready-to-use. The plugin requires ...