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Data URI Sprites Generator – Spritebaker

Data URIs, which is a way of using data in-line in web pages, is a great method for minimizing HTTP requests and speeding up websites. The common usage is simply encoding data (mostly background-images) in Base 64 and including it to the stylesheets. Spritebaker is a free web application which automates this ...


Free Version Control System – Bazaar

Bazaar is a free version control system for tracking project history over time and collaborating easily with other team members. Whether you are a single developer or a group of developers (at the same location or working remotely) Bazaar does the job well. It is an easy to learn and use system which can work on ...


CSS3 Selectors For IE – Selectivizr

Selectivizr is a JavaScript library that emulates CSS3 pseudo-classes and attribute selectors in Internet Explorer 6-8. Once included in web pages, rest is done automatically. The library requires a JavaScript framework to run and many popular ones are supported like Query, MooTools, YUI, Dojo, Prototype and more. ...


Hosted & Optimized JS Libraries – Cached Commons

Cached Commons is a repository of many JavaScript libraries that are cached, optimized and hosted on Github's CDN. It is free for everyone and works by simply using the URLs mentioned (original or the minimized versions) as the script tag URLs. Compared to the popular Google Libraries API, it hosts a much more ...


WebMatrix: All-In-One Web Development Kit From Microsoft

WebMatrix is a free kit by Microsoft which includes everything you need for creating websites on Windows. The application itself enables you to control almost everything from a single interface like the code and database editor, web site and server management, search optimization, FTP publishing, and more. The kit ...


OneWay: Instant FTP & Amazon S3 Uploader For Mac OS X

OneWay is a tiny, free and open source Mac OS X application for instantly uploading any file/folder. It can upload data to FTP, SFTP or Amazon S3 directly from your Finder. You can save the frequently used upload locations to the context menu (project-backups, personal-backups, etc) and send the files with a ...


Show Slow Helps Monitoring Website Performance Metrics Over Time

Show Slow is an open source tool (and, optionally, a free web-based service) for monitoring website performance metrics over time. It simply collects the results from YSlow and Page Speed rankings and graphs them to show you how various changes to the website can affect the performance. And, it can do this regularly ...


Build Desktop Applications With Ruby, HTML & JS: Bowline

Bowline is an open source framework (not a platform like Adobe AIR or Titanium) for creating desktop applications with Ruby, HTML and JavaScript. It respects MVC, views can be designed in HTML5/CSS3 and then you can bind them to your Ruby models. There's no request/response cycle. Any changes in models ...


Test Websites On Multiple Browsers: BrowserLab

BrowserLab, a web-based service by Adobe, enables you to test websites on multiple browsers and OSs. It is possible to create a custom browser set where the screenshots will be created only for those browsers (also helps speeding up the results). Screenshots can be previewed in 2-up or onion-skin views which makes ...