Fiddle Salad – An Online IDE & Code Playground

Fiddle Salad is a fresh web development tool, an online IDE, for client-side web applications.

It allows us to write HTML, CSS, JavaScript code or use alternatives like HAML,Zen Coding, SASS, LESS and more.

All the code is written in a single-page interface and the output is displayed/rendered instantly.

Fiddle Salad

There is built-in code completion support for CSS + jQuery and links to the documentation for the properties of each language.

With a free membership, it is possible to create any number of projects and save them for re-working on them without losing any settings or data.

  • Good start but the interface needs polished before I could use this. For example, tab key does not indent all lines that are selected. You cannot press up and down arrows to navigate through code. It locks you into the tag in question. (Chrome 18 / Win 7 x64)

  • Anne

    How do I download & use this IDE? On the website I can click on tabs & see examples but I don’t see how I can write HTML/CSS & see it rendered immediately as stated here.