Filter Forge – A Photoshop Plugin For All Your Filter Needs

Filter Forge is a professional and paid Photoshop plugin that comes as a pack of filters to generate textures, create visual effects, enhance photos and process images.

The better part is, it enables you to create your own filters with a visual node-based editor. So, there are unlimited possibilities.

You can share the filters created with the community (it is possible to get a free license by doing that.) and also download the 7500+ ready-to-use ones.

Filter Forge

Most filters of the plugin support seamless tiling with a click(the ones you create as well), even for non-square textures.

Every filter generated is resolution-independent. They can be rendered in any resolution without losing any details.

Compared to old-style point lights, Filter Forge uses HDRI lighting which end up in more realistic outputs.

Besides formats like JPG or BMP, works can be saved in high-precision image formats such as OpenEXR or PFM which allows to retain every single bit of precision.

And, another great feature is: it can works as a standalone application as well.

To sum up, Filter Forge is pretty different than the traditional plugins by not sticking to several effects but makes possible creating almost every type of filter.