Flexible MooTools Tree Control: Mif.Tree

Mif.Tree is a quality solution for creating tree menus with MooTools.

The code is very flexible & lets you control every part of the navigation like:

  • Adding new rows
  • Drag’n drops
  • Sorting, renaming & more.

MooTools Tree Menu

The tree menu created can also be browsed via keyboard & supports checkboxed tree menus.

Mif.Tree is very well-documented & presents vaious examples.

  • saurabh shah

    gr8 one !

  • MegA

    Not so great. It doesn’t generate tree based on ul list – just some json structure. Lots of work – wasted.

  • Marty

    Your documentation link is broken!

  • @Marty,
    Seems to work on my side.

  • Willie

    documentation link opens blank page…

  • @Willie,

    Seems to be ok now.