Flip Any HTML Element With jQuery Flip!

Flip! is a jQuery plugin that enables you to flip any HTML, text or jQuery element beautifully.

It is possible to set the direction of the effect, right-to-left, up-to-down or vice versa of both, the content to be displayed after the flip and the background of it.

Also, optionally, you can define the speed of the animation and use the callback functions: onBefore, onAnimation and onEnd.

P.S. Tutorialzine shares a very nice tutorial using the plugin.

jQuery Flip Plugin

  • nice!!

  • This is brilliant – definitely will be using this on my next project!

  • Definitely a good tool. We use that in our project management software, so people can flip a task and take some notes. Very useful!

  • @Liming,

    That’s a great usage idea.