Free E-Commerce Template From CSS Creme

CSS Creme has released a beautiful free XHTML-CSS e-commerce template which you can use in your projects or inspired from.

Free E-Commerce Template

This e-commerce / e-shop template features 3 pages:

  • Product listing template
  • Product detail template
  • Form template (contact us)

There are also ready-to-use hover tooltips inside the template.


CSS Creme features other nice free CSS templates.

  • Kevin

    I love icons and templates – and these are great!

    Thanks a lot for sharing 🙂

  • I hope it’s free 😀

  • John

    How can I take the e-commerce platform and integrate it with this template?

  • John,

    I believe this template is for anyone who creates their own e-commerce system.

    Another option is examining the templating process of an e-commerce system and applying it to this template.

  • gagan

    it looks nice but it doesnt fit while using so ill give 1mark out of 10.

  • The only issue so far is that the product listing template is missing, so it only has the home page, contact page, and product detail page.

  • very very good template

  • john

    Good day sir, how to I get free XHTML-CSS e-commerce template ( e-shop template features 3 pages ).

    We thank you for your kind attention.

    Happy greeting of John

  • zoky28

    nice work

  • zoink

    how do i use this template in dreamweaver?

  • Wonderfull theme!

    I’ll give a try for my next web site!

  • pAwAn

    Nice web template thnx for sharing ….

  • Not the greatest template I’ve ever seen in fairness.

  • Ben

    Hi, can you make it please for wordpress ?

  • Wonderfull theme!

    I’ll give a try for my next web site!