Free E-mail Newsletter Service – TinyLetter

TinyLetter is a free-to-use web service which enables us to create an e-mail newsletter and get subscribers.

It has a very straightforward functionality and interface. You just pick a name for the newsletter and embed a code into the website which displays a sign-up form.

Also, you can ask the users to go to the custom URL provided by the service (like where the design of it can be customized.


You can see the past newsletters, read replies, see the list of subscribers and also import e-mails.

An original feature is the support for "asking a payment for subscription" to the newsletter where the amounts can be collected by the service or directly sent to any given PayPal address.

It doesn't have any advanced features like reporting, custom text per subscriber or ready-to-use templates but, for some projects, simplicity is all we need.

  • wow

  • Thank you for the information, just what i needed!

  • It’s really awesome. We use it for our website and it works wonders.

    We don’t think they should worry about making money from it since it’s an incredibly simple website and everybody will be using it.

    We wouldn’t mind paying a monthly fee in order to be able to send more newsletters or sending our newsletters to more people. This service is just reaaally cool =)

  • Barra Darcy


  • cool the ui is simple and really engaging