55 Free Human Brush Sets And Vector Images – Giant Design Pack

Using silhouettes & people illustrations in websites & print is what designers need in many situations.

This is a giant design pack of human-related brush sets & vector images like faces, full illustrations, fingerprints, hairs, beards, skulls & more.

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Important: Most of the images are free to use in commercial projects but some are not. So, be sure to check the licensing info before using them.

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Here they are:


Human Brushes


People Brushes

Retro People Brushes

People Animal Silhouette Brushes

Children Silhouette Brushes

Human Silhouette Brushes

Wireframe Human Brushes

Silhouette Brush Set

Vector People Brushes

Vector Brushes

Vector Silhouette Brushes

Vector Silhouette Brushes

Human Anatomy Brushes

Eye Brushes

Anime Eye Brushes


Eye Brushes

Eye Brush Set

Anime Eye Brush Set

Manga Eye Brushes

IrΔ±s Brushes

Photoshop Eyelash Brushes

Photoshop Eyelash Brush

Handprint & Fingerprint Brushes

Handprint Brushes

Photoshop Handprint Brushes

Fingerprint Brushes


Hair Brushes

Vector Human Images


Vector People Images

Vector Girl Images

Vector Women Images

Vector Old Man

Vector Music Man

Vector Stylish Girl

Vector DJ

Vector Faces

Vector Dancing People

Vector Human Images

Vector Girls

Vector Man

Relaxing Vector Man

Vector Grunge Girl

Vector Cartoon Images

Vector Body

DJ Vector Image

Girls In Vector

Vector Make Up Girl

Vector Music People

Vector Girl Face

Creepy Vectors

Vector Silhouettes

Vector Businessman Silhouettes

Vector People Silhouettes

Vector Silhouette

VEctor Jumping People

Vector Skull Images

Grunge Vector Skull

Vector Skulls

Vector Skull Images


Vector Mustache Beard

Vector Beard And Mustache

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