Free Live Chat And Support Ticketing: Help Center Live

Live support systems are one of the most useful web based support tools which can also be used as a marketing tool too. When combined with a support ticket system it absolutely becomes a support suite just like Help Center Live which is totally a free ticket & live support software.

Free Ticket Support Script

Help Center Live features:

  • unlimited departmants
  • unlimited operators
  • shows visitor & referrer statistics
  • "hot pages" feature showing high traffic pages
  • integrated support ticket system (hclTicket)
  • smarty template system
  • module system for future expansion
  • I think am gonna use this for my website if it could give me that extra things for free.

  • joseph langa

    I need help..I have been trying for hours to get a live chat going with this livezilla site..and I am getting nowhere

  • daniel

    anyone have luck with this app lately? looks like it hasn’t been updated in a couple years and i guess it’s not compatible with the new SQL and PHP updates? just doesn’t seem to work

  • I will try to use this one for our site.

  • sonny

    This app didn’t work for me right after installation, the initiate chat with the operator wont work on firefox and IE but after visiting their forum you’ll find some fixes on some problems and luckily I found the fix on my problem.

  • Miles

    If you’re seriously looking at implementing live chat, I would recommend ClickDesk –